​​Wildlife Bronze with a Contemporary Flair
Bronze Chipmunk

wildlife artists

New Work

Wildlife Artists

A pair of penguins celebrating their child to come
Bronze Relief of a Brook Trout
Great Blue Heron Vase

Existing Work

a Yellow Warbler sitting atop a violin
A family of chickadees
three swallows flying in a formation like the Air Force Thunderbirds
a pair of magpies, with one watching the other coming in for a landing
Zebra bust with a base made of zebrawood
small flop eared rabbit
Chickadee sitting on a piece of live edge maple
a painted turtle sitting on a rock, the grain of the wood looks like the current moving around the rocks
Bronze relief of a bison
Bronze Jellyfish relief
A falcon flying along the walls of the canyons
Mountain Bluebird sitting on a branch
A pair of falcons flying together
small bronze box with trout relief on two sides
a relief sculpture of poppies.
small humming birds that hang on the wall
a bear teaching it's cub to fish
Bronze relief of a goose running along the water taking flight
a pair of penguins with a chick
a trout breaking through the water surface
a trout breaking the surface of the water
little bronze pika
three bronze baby sea turtles heading out to sea. The base is made of curly maple
a river otter swimming down through a branch

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